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AfaScan Scanleader 1
AfaScan Scanleader 1 運動訓練評估系統

AfaScan Scanleader 1 is the world's first digital comprehensive physical fitness assessment and training system.

  • Its operation is simple and fast, for example a 7-task health assessment can be performed in just 10 minutes. It can automatically complete an accurate analysis report and help coaches quickly design a personalized training program. The system can motivate athletes to achieve their fitness goals based on this detailed data.
  • There are also joint mobility and health assessment, Yoga and Pilates exercise fitness, adolescent fitness assessment, muscle assessment and other functions.
  • AfaScan Scanleader 1 can comprehensively and accurately assess the human body's athletic abilities such as explosive power, strength, balance, flexibility, agility and endurance.
  • Accessories: 2 sets of wireless wearable sensors (each set has 3 sensors ).



Mainframe: (W65 x L123 x H15 cm) High Accuracy Force plate Single : (W66x L50 x H9 cm) Touch Screen Display: (43")


Mainframe: (1Kg) High Accuracy Force plate Single Weight: (21.5Kg)



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